Welcome to prefix.ninja

This is a simple prefix-list generator using bgqp4 and aggregate6 to create a prefix-list for you

How does it work?

Call https://prefix.ninja with your desired parameters


The following options are available and can be used/combined in any order. Only ASN or AS-SET is mandatory

ParameterValueDescriptionExampleDefault value
asnASN or AS-SETMandatory field ASN or AS-SET to query/asn/AS35202none
fam4 or 6IP address family to be used/fam/64
nameprefix-list nameGenerate a cisco like prefix-list string with specified name/name/example-listnone
seq0 - ∞Start prefix-list with given sequence number, requires prefix-list name/seq/50none
inc1 - ∞Increment sequence number by this value. If only inc is set, first sequence number equals inc./inc/351 (if only seq is set)
len0-128Less or equal subnet mask/len/32none
extnoneDon't aggregate prefixes (include more specific if available)/extfalse
jsonnoneOutput as json/jsonfalse
clinoneOutput console friendly (newline as )/clifalse